The Inspiration Behind The...
                                Marriage Braid

When preparing for our wedding, the topic of the unity candle came up.  Susan (my wife) and I both thought that the unity candle was over used and that its meaning had become too generic.  And since we both wanted our wedding to be unique, I went off to find an alternative to the unity candle...the Marriage Braid.

Our pre-marriage counseling was set on a foundation that marriage is a covenant between the bride, groom, and God.  After the completion of our last session, it became clear to me that the covenant of marriage is like a braid.  I expressed this idea to Susan who immediately quoted Ecclesiastes 4:12, "A cord of three strand is not quickly broken."  It soon became clear that God had revealed to us an alternative to the unity candle that would not only make our wedding unique, but ALL Christian weddings unique.

Kevin and Susan Hughes
(Groom and Bride)