Marriage Braid vs. Unity Candle

The unity candle has been used in Christian weddings for years.  Unfortunately, it is no longer reserved only for Christian weddings, but has crossed over into secular weddings.  The unity candle does symbolize the biblical commandment of the marriage couple leaving their parents and becoming one.  However, the unity candle leaves out the most important part of this covenant...God; which is why couples have been able to utilize the unity candle in secular weddings.

In today's society, the Christian wedding needs to be set apart from secular weddings to preserve this sacred covenant that God has designed.  And with the Marriage Braid representing both the marriage couple and God, the possibility of this ceremony crossing over to the secular wedding has been eliminated.

Another benefit of the Marriage Braid is its ability to be displayed after the wedding.  Unlike the unity candle that is eventually placed in a box and stored, the Marriage Braid can and should be displayed in the home for years to come!